Share to connect: Inside Nokia's Program to Connect Customer Insight with Business Performance by Ming Kwan @mingk #sbs2011

Share to Connect is about aligning our organization, Nokia, and the way we work with what we promise as a brand, says Ming Kwan. Their objective was to maximize the brand's productivity by turning it into a conversational brand. Transparency, listening and coordination will enable the organization to gain momentum in an era of exchange.
Share to Connect consists of 3 main elements:
  • organizational optimization
  • workforce collaboration
  • customer participation
The main issue they are trying to deal with is information overload. They collect lots and lots of information. Their big issue is generating insights from all the information.

So they have this idea/pilot called Socializer. An aggregation and analysis platform connecting the streams from the (social) internet to the organization.
Socializer is a social action framework (with semantic analysis), it's internal and external, it's focused on actionable insights, it's real-time and employees can claim actions.

Objectives for Socializer are:
  • create transparency around conversations
  • build employee morale
  • provide visibility to management
  • increase adoption and use of social tools
What's the business value to Nokia? They're developing kpi's for the project based on Jeremiah Owyang's ROI pyramid. They distinguish business metrics, social media analytics and engagement data.

Success factors:
  • nudges to guide people and drive behavior change
  • social experience design: human to computer to human interaction
  • socialize data to get data in the hands for interpretation
  • transparency to empower people to act
  • measurement to track progress and measure impact on KPIs
UPDATE April 6, 2011: Corrected text, added picture and links.

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