Trailfire in the enterprise

Not to long ago I started using Trailfire. Trailfire is a wonderful way to add annotations to webpages you look at regularly or run into. It allows you to give your context to webpages and helps you remember where you were browsing and what you were thinking when you read that page. It also helps you connect related pages together (you can flip between annotations). You can keep the trails to yourself and/or share them with other (even if they done have Trailfire).
But this is also very interesting for in the enterprise! For instance when your team is looking for and collecting information on a certain topic. Leaving trails can also help new
employees move through the large amount of information he/she has to go through and help him/her find the really important information he/she may not miss. The names of annotators helps them find the right people in the organisation to talk to.
You could even have a trail that starts inside the organisation and moves outside. Even if that trail is public outsiders can see it anyway (due to the firewall).

It would be even more interesting to also be able to add trails to other types of data/info, such as files, emails, etc. (Not only web/intranet pages). These often lack context too and are therefore hard to retrieve when you need them.



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