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Lots has been written about the use of a (corporate) Intranet. Many companies puts lots of money in implementing and maintaining an Intranet. Usually this is a full-time job for several people, and updates of the content of Intranet is done by a small amount of heavily loaded people (that decide for everybody what information is relevant for the others). And what you see is that the Intranet is never up-to-date and users can't find the stuff they need easily. So they bookmark several Intranet links or set up an openingpage with relevant links and that's their use of Intranet. That's not a lot of use/usage for big investments...

An easy way to change this is being applied more and more. I ran into a post by Innovation Creators which confirms this trend. It says:
I believe that 2007 is the year when companies will start to understand that they need a read/write Intranet. Here is a list of some of the start-ups and large companies that produce systems that could be used to build a read/write Intranet.

Ideally, such a system would both help knowledge workers to get work done and help the company as a whole to work more efficiently. At this stage in the development of this new space, there are lots of different approaches. These companies are thinking about workflow, motivation, security, access control, and a range of other issues.

I completely agree with this vision and I think this will help Intranets to be easily (all users can participate!) kept up to date, maintained and dynamic.

(They also set up a poll which vendor would be the most likely to help companies set up such an Intranet.)



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