Storytelling - A masterclass with Steve Denning

The power of stories. I think we all can relate to that. Dad and mom told us stories when we were kids (and usually they still do). We read stories all the time and tell others about them. Companies also move, change and progress on stories. Stories of the past. Stories to get something across. Real stories, fiction. Etc.

The Ark-group and InsideKnowledge are presenting: 'The secret language of leadership. How leaders inspire action through narrative' with Steve Denning. Denning is the leading author in the area of storytelling. (Dave Snowden is also an evangelist of storytelling.)
I find storytelling very interesting. It really stresses the human side of knowledge management, information management and communication. But I still have a hard time translating all this to the enterprise. Several articles have been written on how you can use storytelling in companies. Nasa and Shell a.o. seem to use this technique to capture and transfer knowledge/information. Wonderful! But how do they do it, practically speaking? Do they write them down? Do they record them on video or audio? If so, how do they distribute the video and audio? And do employees really go and watch the video and listen to the audio?
I can't make it to Denning's seminar. But I hope someone else can ask Denning these questions and get some answers! Or are the answers already out there and am I overlooking them?


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