Intranet Questions

Column Two has an interesting list of questions about intranet. Not all questions are clear. What does this question mean, for instance? "Working more effectively with business units re content?". Hopefully these questions will be elaborated on more soon (and maybe even answered?). However I think it's pretty good.

This is the list of questions I/we use to talk about our and get information about other's intranet.

  • Global overview of intranet: what does it look like?
  • Vision on the future of the intranet (e.g. personalization, wikify intranet, will intranet become your extranet?)
  • Vision on security: which information is open to all/not open to all?
Goverance and technology
  • Search (which technology, any finetuning?)
  • Relation global and local intranets
  • Performance indicators of the intranet: do you have them/use them?
  • What is the most used content and application?
  • Governance of the intranet (local and global), ownership
  • Platform/Underlying technology, architecture
  • Who’s in the core intranet team? And how many are in that team?
  • Workflow to use the intranet by users/authors/… (who are the authors, training?, readwrite intranet)
  • What does the intranet project look like (implementation, roll out, improvement, change management)
  • Performance (measurement, how do you make sure it performs?)
  • collaboration tooling and experiences
  • how do you maintain user satisfaction? Do you survey users regularly?
What do you think of this list? Are we missing something?


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