Is Enterprise RSS Dead?

ReadWriteWeb has an interesting post on the 'Enterprise RSS' market and says it's dead. Go over and read the post and join the conversation. I commented too by saying:
Maybe I'm one of the only people that agrees with your post. We did an in depth investigation on Enterprise RSS in our company. We built our own feedreader some time ago, but this app was outdated, compared to Google Reader and the like. And because we thought feedreaders/feedreading matured we were quite convinced we'd find a vendor that would meet our needs. Sorry to say we didn't find one. One of the main reasons is security. We wrote about it here. Newsgator seems to be the only one responding to our wishlist and actually says they will address our needs soon.
So, for now I'm using RSSpopper to read internal feeds.
This implies there is a big opportunity in this market. If you get things right here (and why not just start by copying Google Reader and adding security features?), you're in big business.
So, Enterprise RSS is not dead, but it hasn't really come alive yet.


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