Loving FriendFeed

FriendFeed_1241696915837Some time ago I started using FriendFeed. I'd heard about it on the internet. I thought I'd try it when I had time. So I went over to get an account and see what it was like for real. The idea of Friendfeed is compelling: integrate all your internet streams into one stream. Friendfeed helps you read all your and your friends social media updates in one spot. That's exactly what I need. Before Friendfeed, I would check different sites I use, such as Twitter (or actually Tweetdeck), Slideshare, Diigo and Youtube.
After setting up my account I had a hard time starting to use FF. One of the big issues for me was: who is on FF and who is on Twitter? And how do I import all my Twitter friends to FF, without duplicating? This basically is too difficult for most users, I think. I used the 'Twitter2FF' tool, which helps. I ended up writing down lists on paper to make sure I didn't duplicate and really have all my Twitter friend in FF.
Furthermore some Twitter friends have protected their account. These can't be imported to FF. This is one of the reasons I still use Tweetdeck. The other reason I check Tweetdeck is for retweeting. And I also use Tweetdeck when I 'live tweet' an event. I don't find Friendfeed good enough for real-time, although the new FF has solved this issue I think. I hope to try live-tweeting using FF soon.
I've heard that some also import all their RSS feeds in FF. I don't. I still read my feeds with Google Reader. For all other stuff I use Friendfeed.
I really enjoy having one stream of updates to watch. With the new Friendfeed the stream is even in real-time by default.

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  1. I'm glad you're on Friendfeed, Samuel! Keep up the good work.

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