Launch of a merged intranet and first steps to an integrated social media platform #epem

Johan Hillebrand, Head of Internal Communication at ABN/Amro.

Two main challenges Communications has: information overload (too much email…) and they couldn’t find information. Another thing that was mentioned was: stop paper communication, move to digital. They decided to take on these challenges by building a new intranet.
Goals for the new intranet:
  • Fewer channels
  • Offer relevant information
  • Centralize content

They choose to have the intranet look a lot like their internet site. No complaints about confusing the intranet for the internet yet. (They launched a couple of weeks ago.)
They kept the look and feel very simple. They combine general and local news. They assume people have 10 minutes to read news and cluster that in a box.
ABN has a separate social media platform (not integrated in the intranet). It's called Arena. It was built by one of their contractors. They plan to integrate it into the intranet in the future. But the look-and-feel is the same. They piloted within retail-banking (and it’s still in pilot phase). The platform was set up so all staff can engage in a dialogue.
Objectives for the social platform are:
  • Create dialogue with staff
  • To share knowledge in order to improve our services
  • To accelerate problem identification
  • Etc.
First feedback on both seems hopeful.

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