Building Your Social Intranet

How do you build a social intranet in your organization? I get this question a lot. At the Intranet Conference 2012 in Utrecht I gave a talk about 'building your social intranet'. I've shared my slides below with my answer to this question. I define six steps towards a social intranet. In a couple of posts I'll share my story and experiences on this topic. As always, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this topic.
Let me start by defining what I mean by a 'social intranet'. Based on responses from the audience, the definition of social intranet is not very specific. Some say it's internal social media. Others said it's internal Facebook.
A simple definition of a social intranet is an intranet that has been extended (and integrated) with social tools. This definition is OK, but it's pretty tool-focused. To me a social intranet is an intranet that is focused on and supports people. More specifically, it supports people and their networks so that they can do their work (or do business).

In the next post I'll write about the first step towards a social intranet. In the meantime, what is your definition of a social intranet?

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