Relating Enterprise 1.0 to 2.0 systems

It still excites me every time when my RSS reader and tweets point me to interesting content I wouldn't have found by myself. It is true: Interesting information finds me.
James Dellow pointed to Cecil Dijoux's interesting slide deck about 'The nature of software and how it changes the business'.

There's lots of good stuff in the presentation. What particularly struck me was slide 55 and 56. Those two slides are about how Enterprise 1.0 tools, like ERP, CRM and PLM tools, relate to Enterprise 2.0 tools. These slides are important for many IT departments and high-level decision makers to understand Enterprise 2.0 is not an either-or, but and-and game. I find we still have a long way to go here.
Some time ago I wrote about this along two lines: relating business processes to networks, and relating different types of work to tools. It's interesting how email tried to fill up all the gaps between the 1.0 tools. And how much better social tools bridge the gaps between the 1.0 tools, provide context to the structured data and excellerate the processing of the information. I don't see email in Cecil's diagrams, but I think there's a place for that tool in the new world as well. :-)

Thanks for the pointer, James!

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