Reasons to go to the Enterprise 2.0 Summit #e20s

Are you planning to go to the Enterprise 2.0 Summit? I hope so. It would be great to meet you there. To me the Enterprise 2.0 Summit is the conference about enterprise 2.0 and social business in Europe. It’s the place to be to learn from experts in the field, ask your questions and share your insights. So, I feel honored to be one of the summit's ambassadors this year!

I couldn’t make it last year. But I did go to the editions before that. I really enjoyed it. The conference is well-organized, it has great speakers en lots of talks tapping into the practical experience of the speakers. (Here's a blogpost from the conference organizer about the summit.)

This year will be extra interesting. Many organizations are just jumping on the social business bandwagon. So it will be interesting to hear from them why they are and how they plan to do it. Furthermore, there are many companies and consultants that have ‘been through it all’. Some are disappointed. Enterprise 2.0 and social business started with high expectations. It would change business and, hey, while were at it, let’s change the world too, OK? Last year, and I’m sure this year as well, it’s back to reality. What really works? And why is this field so hard? What has been tried, but doesn’t work? And what does work? I’m sure we’re going to here a lot of answers to these questions. And the good thing is: the answers from the experts and beginners in the field are just as valuable. That’s one great thing I like about this conference. Everybody is there to learn. Sharing is important, but truly listening and learning from each other is so as well. The Enterprise 2.0 Summit is really a learning platform. So, if you want to share and learn, I strongly recommend to attend this conference, for the first time or the 4th.

And if you need another reason to go? Well, the conference is held in Paris. Need I say more? Hope to see you there!

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