Changes to work and blogging

If you follow me on Twitter or LinkedIn you've probably seen I changed jobs as of Jan. 1 of this year. After 6 great years at Entopic and Bildung I decided to join Teva Pharmaceuticals as senior director external digital channels. I've been at Teva now for about 10 weeks and must say I enjoy it. There's lots going on in the pharmaceutical industry and the intersection of digital and pharma is very interesting, I find. In short, there's lots and lots to do.

So, why change? As mentioned I enjoyed working at Entopic and Bildung. Great working environment, great team, dito customers. But I also found I was looking for new challenges. In leadership development and in digital. If possible I wanted to get more experience with leadership in a large, international organization. And I was looking for new areas in digital to learn about. Teva contacted me and gave me this opportunity. After quite some talks and lots of thinking, I decided to go for it. And I'm happy to say I'm enjoying the new challenge. My work focus will be more on external digital channels, than internal. But I'll never stopped being interested in 'internal'. And they are and should be very interconnected anyway.

So, what about blogging? Well, I'm blogging again now ain't I?! I'm committed to blogging about once a week again. I really missed blogging regularly. It helps me structure my thoughts. And I miss interacting with you here. So please help me live up to my commitments. :)

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