Creating more redundancy

Recently I blogged about redundancy. At the end of the post I mentioned I would share how I try to create redundancy in my life.
I think a key way I create redundancy is a good work-life balance. I’m deeply convinced working more that 40-50 hours per week is unhealthy and inefficient. Having time to be with my family in the evening and weekends helps me be creative and efficient during work hours.

Some other ways I do it are:
  • Go out to jog or mountain bike
  • Read a good book
  • Block time in my agenda to think deeply and without interruptions
  • Work from home (less distractions and traveling)
  • Don’t plan anything, just see what happens
  • Go on vacation – of course
  • Visit a conference ;-)
Do you have others ways to create space in your life? Let’s learn from each other.

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