Prompting Collaboration

The PICNIC 2008 conference was held last week. I wasn't there, but do hope to go there someday (maybe next year?). Of course lots of people have been there and have been blogging and twittering about PICNIC. Via Lunch over IP and The Next Web I found interestings posts on Leadbeater's talk on "The new dynamics of creativity and innovation". He provided an interesting list on "What prompts collaborative creativity?" that I'd like to share with you and like to echo. So what prompts collaborative creativity, according to Leadbeater?
1. Diversity.
2. New and easy ways to allow people to contribute.
3. Ways to connect people together and to build on one-another.
4. A shared sense of purpose and some individual sense of payoff, that they're getting something in return as they're contributing to something larger.
5. Usually there is a core or kernel that's put there to begin with (the initial Linux software for ex)
6. Structure: these communities won't work unless they can make decisions, so they need to have some elements of structure (think Wikipedia).
And of course he goes into tools that support and encourage these principles. All this leads to a new world: "from the world of "to" and "for" to the world of "with" and "by"."


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