Poverty [Blog Action Day 2008]

Well, I thought I'd give it a try. Last year I was too late, though I was planning on participating. But then I read this year's Blog Action Day theme: poverty. That's a big topic and it's a topic I think about regularly. Not that it's a topic I think I can solve or we can solve easily. Mashable has a nice lists of action groups on the web fighting poverty. And they're great. I'm glad they exist. The Netherlands has several of these groups too. Like ZOA and Unicef, to name these two.
I don't have big ideas how to solve poverty. What I try to do is give part of my money back to 'the world': the poor, the hungry, the refugees, etc. I hope this contributes to making this world "a better place" (to quote one of Michael Jackson's songs).
What I do find sad is the fact that in the financial crises we are in, not much attention is being paid to the consequences this big failure of the rich, Western world we live in (and I am a part of), has for the Third World; the people that live in the poorest countries of the world. Hopefully we will learn from this situation and be a little less greedy in the future, so they can live in a better, more stable world and improve their lives.

Here's a video on 'Blog Action Day':

Blog Action Day 2008 Poverty from Blog Action Day on Vimeo.


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