NASA and Requirements Assistant

Well, this doesn't have much to do with 'information architecture', it's family-related. My dad has been developing a tool for years and years now that analyzes requirements using natural language processing techniques. It's called Requirements Assistant.

NASA set up an evaluation of several comparable tools and guess what? My dad's tool scored best and they bought a license. Congratulations dad!

You can get a copy of the paper on this evaluation and corresponding presentations here (category "Requirements Analysis"). It's titled: "Evaluation of Current Requirements Analysis (RA) Tools Capabilities for IVV in the RA Phase". (You have to leave your name and email address to download it.)

As you can read on my dad's site, he's (a.o.) working on preparing Requirements Assistant for the Eclipse environment.


  1. Excellent news !

    I'd like to know more about it.

    Please congratulate your dad on my behalf.

  2. Go ahead and take a look at his website. You'll find contact info there!


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