Document Management System in Engineering

Found this interesting article on document management in Engineering. You don't find articles on this topic too often. And if you do, they'll mostly be about handling structured, product-data. This type of data/information is usually managed in Product Lifecycle Management Systems or Product Data Management Systems. But where does all the other important, contact information go? The type of information usually called 'unstructured information'.
This article addresses both types of information. Basic requirements for managing unstructured information are:
  • Ensure easy retrieval of and access to relevant documents by authorized (and only authorized) persons
  • Make collaborative working an efficient and effective process
  • Preserve the documents, particularly those that make up the knowledge base, free from damage and loss for a long time
  • Exercise proper version control to avoid erroneous use of obsolete documents and for keeping track of different aspects
However, I do miss advice on where to store which information. And how do you make sure both types of information are stored and related in a consistent way. I'm looking for answers to these questions. I'll possibly post my (preliminary) answers soon.


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