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O'Reilly Radar's Sarah has an interesting post on the problem of printing web pages. She pointed to HP's Tabblo which addresses this issue.
However, there are more competitors of HP that also offer comparable tooling.
Canon also offers a tool with their printers, called 'easy web print'. Lexmark also has a toolbar to support webprinting. And OKI has one too: 'webprint utility'. (Jim Lyons has an older, but insightful post on this topic.)
Furthermore, I'm a Firefox user. And one of the things I like about Firefox is how it handles web page printing (- if you want all the web pages you have open). Firefox almost always reformats the pages in such a way that it's printed nicely (readable).


  1. Thanks for the mention and the link, Samuel. Good for you (and bad for me) for knowing about the FF extension -- when I was looking at the IE print capabilities in Spring 2006 that perhaps it was not available? As a big fan and early user of Firefox, I was most interested in my column (see
    that there was SOMETHING that IE seemed to be ahead on!

    I'll give the Firefox extension and the Oki sw a try and turn it into a post in a day or two -- with proper credit of course!

  2. No thanks, Jim. Thanks for commenting! Not sure if it was around when you wrote your post. The last update was done on Nov. 18, 2006. So I'd think is was around. But I also just ran into it about 9 months ago.
    Looking forward to reading your post on the plugin and OKI.


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