Océ's Document Services Valley

It's public! And I'm really excited about it!
Océ is setting up the Document Services Valley. Here's (part of) the press release:

Océ N.V., a prominent global leader in professional printing and document management, today launched Document Services Valley in its Dutch home town of Venlo. Document Services Valley will focus on the research and development of document related services. In this new Valley, Océ intends to join forces with authoritative business partners and is currently in discussion with several. Partnership is key to develop the new services and test them in the market as quickly as possible. Effective 2008, some 50 experts will be employed by Document Services Valley. Demand for a document management resource such as the Valley has risen considerably and is attributable to various business trends such as new corporate governance legislation like Sarbanes-Oxley.

UPDATE Oct. 15, 2010: Please refer to the Document Service Valley website for more information!


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