11 Deadliest Sins of KM

Stan Garfield reposted the "11 Deadliest Sins of KM" and asked Larry Prusak what he now thinks of the list he came up with. You can find all his comments on Garfield's blog.

To focus on one "sin". I actually agree most with number 1, which also has the most implications:
Not developing a working definition of knowledge.
Prusak comments on this error are:
Error 1: This is still one big error. Everywhere I speak people conflate information and knowledge - and this situation is greatly abetted by IT vendors and consultants for obviously commercial reasons. I would estimate that tens of billions of dollars have been wasted by organizations trying to work with knowledge by buying IT tools. Since none of this is taught in Business schools or perhaps ANY schools it isn't too surprising that most people can't define knowledge as distinct from information.
I fully agree. I posted on related issues before here. Getting this point across, however, is a different ballgame. Does anyone have examples how he/she got IT project leaders and stakeholders to understand this?
it was good to reread the list!


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