Business Blogs: A Practical Guide

Just finished reading "Business Blogs: A Practical Guide" by Bill Ives & Amanda G. Watlington. As the title says, this book gives you practical tips about all kinds of aspects of blogging. It mostly focuses on "business blogging", but it also addresses more general blogging topics. To name a few: it goes into 'what's all this noise about blogs?', 'should my business blog or not blog?', 'starting your blog right' (not only about business blogs, but also about personal and group blogs), 'how to blog?' 'using blogs in your own organisation' (internal blogging), and 'reading blogs'.

There's loads of insightful writing on blogging in this book. And I think it'll be a real help for people and organisations who want to blog and need help to get started.
Specifically I liked the part about setting up an organisational blogging policy (page 70-72). Basically it says: keep it simple and short. Don't make to much rules.
What I missed - and I've said this before on my blog - is good strategies for commenting blog posts and keeping track of your comments and replies to them.
Could anyone point me to a post on this topic or share his/her thoughts on this topic?

(By the way Lilia's blog is mentioned on page 105 of this book!)


  1. Don't have the book, but curious to know what is written there about my weblog :)


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