What will the IT organization look like?

The other podcast I listened to was an ITConversations interview with Shane Pearson (BEA).

I'll be shorter on this interview. What I found most interesting was Shane Pearson's remarks on the IT organisation of the future (it's around 6:50 in the interview). He does not believe that IT will eventually, in the future, control all the new (and old) technology and employees will be forced to use what's on "the approved list". It's not governable. And it's not worth it.

What he thinks we will see is in the next 10-15 years is that the IT department will take a different approach. Comparable to how many companies approach their corporate phones: you have to use one of a couple of providers, but are allowed to pick any phone/communication tool you want. People get comfortable with the tools they use at home. Their blog of choice, their wiki or IM of choice. They will be more productive if they can keep using these tools of their choice at work.


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