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Filtering information has always been important, but seems to be ever more important in the networked world we live in. I'm experiencing this too. In no time I subscribed to lots of interesting blogs. And I love the way this can be done using a feedreader and RSS technology. But what to do when you have(?) to sift through hundreds of posts a day? Is there a way to help you decide what to read and what not?

For this reason I thought I'd try Postrank (used to be AidRSS). And I must say it's been very helpful in several ways. Postrank ranks the feeds you get in your feedreader. It basically gives every post a number (1-10) telling you how popular a post is. This is nice. For me it doesn't imply I don't read post that have a lower rank. Sometimes these posts are even more interesting than popular ones!

But Postrank helps me filter posts from blogs with loads of posts-per-day. And it helps me filter my Google Alert RSS feed. Lately Google Alert is giving me way to many results. Now I only read the posts with a high rank and 'unread' the rest. (- is something wrong? It's been asked on Twitter many times by myself (@driessen) and Luis Suarez (@elsua) to name just two.)

I also like to see what rank is given to my own posts. I regularly go to my blogfeed and check what readers/you think of my posts. It gives me a good understanding of what my reader/you value!

For me a next step in filtering is moving over to FriendFeed. I have an account for some time now and enjoy going over to FF regularly, but haven't made the switch yet. Are others also experiencing this hesitance?

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