Requirements for Document Management Systems

Recently I was honored to co-write a paper with Olha Bondarenko and Ruud Janssen. It is titled: ''Requirements for the Design of a Personal Document-Management System" and was published in JASIST.

I think Olha's work in general and this paper in particular is very valuable for the whole information, content and document management industry.  Because it truly tries to understand how knowledge workers use information and documents. That knowledge is translated into requirements/principles for a document management system.

But you decide if Olha/we succeeded! I hope you like it.

This paper was written in the context of Olha's PhD research - which was finalized recently! - about personal information management. Her PhD defense will be on February 11 (at the Technical University in Eindhoven, The Netherlands). I hope to be there and will blog/tweet about it.

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