Culture <> Social Media

Jane McConnell raised an interesting question about the relationship between social media and culture. She asked:
Will cultural differences impact adoption of social media? Will culture “eat” social media for breakfast? or will social media “eat” culture?
I find social media interesting because I see the relationship between social media and culture as bi-directional. The (company) culture has to fit social media (culture) for successful adoption. But I also see culture change due to social media use. I think this has to do with the underlying concepts of social media, like relational networks, information is social and humans as social beings. These concepts fit us people very well, because they are deeply human. Tapping into these concepts when rolling out social media is a key to success (and positive cultural change). Rolling it out as technology (non-human focus) is a key to failure (and negative cultural change).

Also refer to this interesting post about cultural differences. (HT, Ana Silva for pointer!)

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