Using Social Media Inside Organizations - BNR Digitaal Interview

Not too long ago I was interviewed for the BNR Digitaal program. We talked about how social media is used internally by companies. The trigger for the interview was the research we do on intranet trends. The Intranet Monitor 2011 will be published shortly.

I shared the link on Twitter right after the interview and thought I'd share it here as well (at least it's in my archives now...).

The interview was in Dutch. The interview circles around topics like: why do companies use social media internally?, do they use one platform or several different tools? and how does chat relate to microblogging?
It was my first time in a radio interview. It wasn't completely live, but recorded in one go. I enjoyed the experience! Radio is even more about small bites of information, so I prepared myself to deliver short, informative answers. You decide if I succeeded in this!

I'd love to hear your comments or feedback!

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