Join the State of Enterprise 2.0 Collaboration Survey

Although social media has been around for some time and more and more examples of the opportunity of social media for business are popping up, I find we are still just getting started. More experiments need to be done to show the power of social media within, between and outside companies. More research need to be done to prove the value of social media for business. And that’s one of the things Jacob Morgan of the Chess Media Group is doing. With the survey The State of Enterprise 2.0 Collaboration they want to get more understanding on “how emergent social and collaborative technologies are being used for sharing information and collaborating within organizations (not partner or customer facing)”. Jacob has written several case studies about Enterprise 2.0 adoption. One of which I had the pleasure to provide input for.

Filling out the survey will only take about 10 minutes. I hope you can find that time to help us all gain a deeper understanding of this new, vibrant and exciting field.

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