Hope this will get you blogging

I enjoy following Seth Godin's blog. He has as inspiring way of pushing out short(er) blogposts and getting me to think.

One blogpost about 'Talker's block' struck me recently. It struck me for two reasons. It related to the situation I'm in every now-and-then: writer's block. I'll have several draft posts, almost ready to be published, but they stay in the draft folder for too long.
The other reason is: It's part of my work to get others to blog. And to my regret I see people starting to tweet and use Facebook, quite easily. Blogging, however, is a step too far for most of them. No, blogging is not for everybody. But some people don't start to blog because they fear writer's block. Or they're insecure about their writing skills. Or they fear for the comments others will have on their musings.

Godin challenges you and me to get over it. He says:
Writer's block isn't hard to cure.
Just write poorly. Continue to write poorly, in public, until you can write better.
There. Does this help? Hope so! See you soon in the blogosphere!

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