Why I blog

Practically finished reading "Wikinomics. How mass collaboration changes everything" by Tapscott and Williams. I'm fairly new to blogging and still see my blog as an experiment. However I'm getting the hang of it and I enjoy blogging more and more. But I've been trying to pinpoint 'why I blog'. On page 256 of "Wikinomics" I ran into the perfect description:
In a traditional workplace ... problem solving (comment by blogger: or idea generation) might be worked out in the lunchroom, while leaning over a colleague's cubicle, over a pint after work, or increasingly through a long thread of e-mails. The problem is that this casual approach to problem solving leaves no organizational memory of the event, with the risk that only the people involved in creating the solution walk away with any new insights. Problems persist like a bad cold, and solutions will be reinvented every time the problem reoccurs.
Social software provides companies with a way to document and leverage those moments of innovation with relative ease, providing a living, breathing repository of easily accessible knowledge that grows along with the organization. Companies can continually harness their local insights and adaptations to new problems by capturing and using those insights to drive organizational change.


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