Information audit

Some time ago I attended the masterclass "Conducting an effective information audit". It was organised by the Ark-group and the speaker was Dillon Dhanecha. We had a good and informative day.

What is ‘information auditing’? Basically ‘information auditing’ is ‘counting’ the information you have in your organisation related to processes. Information is seen as an asset. The audit is conducted in the following way. People in the organisation at different levels are asked the following questions:

- What information is required to achieve organisational objectives?
- Who need it?
- How will it be used?
- How does it flow through the organisation?
- How does it travel in and out of the organisation?
Or a more personal version:
- What information resources or services do you need to do your job?
- How are these resources and services actually used?
- What is the link between information resources, the way they are used to complete a task and how does that task support organisational objectives (i.e. its strategic significance)?
Or even shorter:
- What information do you need to do your tasks?
- Where does it come from?
- Where does it go?

The answers to these questions are used to define the information processes that are clear, unclear, contradictory, etc. When processes are unclear or contradictory they are discussed in depth. (An Excel sheet is used to keep track of the answers, contradictions, etc.)

By the way, Dillon, wikipedia does not have an entry on "information audit(ing)". Looks like an opportunity for you to lead the way!


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