Google changes information management

Interesting article on the CMSWire about "Google changes Information management". I've been wondering for some time how Google organizes their own company information...

I agree with most of this post. Some comments:
  • I agree with the fact that the way Google is offering access to information is the way it should be: "fast and easy". However, that's the Internet. Now apply that to a company. When I search in my company I want to be sure I got all relevant information on a certain topic. Not the top-10 results that are usually enough when searching on the Internet.
  • "Information is becoming increasingly critical...". I would say it is critical. Just look at all the workers. Where are they at? Sitting at their computers. What are they doing? Handling data, documents and information. Information is the blood of the organisation.
  • About the information manager of the future. Result/Action-focus: great, I hope so. However I think that the professionalism of the information manager will be newly appreciated. Handling information has become an increasingly complex job. The information manager knows how do it. Most employees don't. Helping employees manage their information (e.g. where do I put what?) so they can focus on actions and results (what they were hired to do) will be a key role in this age. And that is my definition of an information manager (of the future).


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