Trying Taglocity: tagging Outlook

Well, just ran into Taglocity. I read through their site to see what they offer. I must say it all sounds very interesting. I'm curious how Taglocity compares to Xobni. I've been using Xobni for some time now and am pretty enthusiastic about the tool. Is Taglocity even better?

So, I'm de-installing Xobni to try Taglocity. (I don't want 2 sidebars in my Outlook and I'm don't want to try them both at the same time.) One think I'm really curious about is tagging in Outlook like in Gmail. That would be great! (I use Outlook 2003 and heard that 2007 has tagging functionality.)

So, I'll be using Taglocity for the coming weeks. I'll let you know what my experiences are.

My evaluation questions are:

  1. how does Taglocity compare to Xobni in general?
  2. is Taglocity as social as Xobni?
  3. are the Taglocity tags as good as Gmail's?
  4. can tagged emails also be retrieved after they've been archived and/or moved?
  5. is Taglocity secure (also the free version)?
  6. what could the implications of Taglocity be for corporate email? (Relating to what Taglocity claims.) Could this be a big step towards RSS-ifying email and less email, as Luis Suarez is working on?

If you're trying Taglocity too, please let me know and share your experience with me/us.


  1. Thanks for trying Taglocity Samuel.

    We've some screencasts to get going here: and would love any new feature ideas/suggestions you have here:

    David Ing - Taglocity, Vancouver, BC

  2. I'm very interested to hear your feedback. I'd like to uninstall Xobni and try Taglocity as well (also on Outlook 2003). It looks like uninstalling Xobni is a pretty big chore in OL 2003. If you have some words of wisdom, please share.

    I'm drowning in emails at work and have been searching for something more to help survive!

  3. Uninstalling Xobni is easy. Just go to 'start', 'program's, find 'xobni' and you'll find the uninstaller there. Uninstall and you're all set.

  4. when trying taglociy 2.0 during the beta phase I noticed some incompatibilities (Outlook would freeze) between taglocity and xobni when installed at the same time.

    In case you tried both version at the same time, did you experience any problems?

  5. Thanks for your comment, Anonym. No, I deinstalled Xobni before I started using Taglocity. My experiences with using 2 of the same kind of plugins is not good...

  6. Hey I tried taglocity, but then found Lookeen ( and decided to use this tool! Seems to me that it is very robust and I like that it is integrated in Outlook! It didn't disappoint me so far! :)

  7. Hi Merlin, Thanks for the comment and the pointer. I've heard of Lookeen, but haven't tried it. Stopped using Taglocity some time ago...


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