Weebiz: Opening Up Business Networks and Innovation?

sponsor_weebiz_logo ReadWriteWeb pointed to a very interesting new tool on the web: Weebiz, social networking for companies.
Weebiz wants to be a network of companies, not people. This is fascinating. As a company it can be very insightful to have an overview of your company network. Who are your suppliers, your partners, etc.? When you have your company network it is very interesting to see how this relates to company networks in other industries, of your competitors, etc.
But I'm wondering: Isn't a company network confidential information? Of course everyone can map a company's network to some extent. But not in great detail. And lots of companies would like to keep it that way, I think.
Or am I wrong? I could be wrong if the trend to open up your business, apply open innovation and use mass-collaboration (such as with Innocentive), will truly be the business model of the future, as BusinessWeek recently reported again (- and I believe it will be). Then joining something like Weebiz could be essential to your business! And I could also be wrong if customers, who already are demanding more openness and transparency, will demand companies to show who's in their network. In this way they can decide not to buy your product, not because your company is evil, but because your supplier, for instance, is.
By the way, maybe LinkedIn can also be used to generate company networks. You don't get the formal network of the company. But you definitely get the informal one. The one that runs through personal contacts!
What do you think? Will companies join Weebiz? And is a company's network highly confidential? I'd love to hear your thoughts.
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