Social Media and PLM: Not Much Love?

Currently I'm in a big project to improve the way we organize product development and manage product and project information. In short, this can be called 'Product Lifecyle Management' (PLM).

I haven't been following too many experts in this area. So, I've been looking around and started following some of them. The interesting thing is though: not many people in this area are twittering and blogging... I've run into this before: although blogging and twittering can be used by all disciplines, in some areas it just seems to fit better.

But anyway, I did run into a person who I find has very interesting thoughts about PLM. It's Oleg Shilovitsky. His blog is 'Daily PLM Think Tank Blog' and he tweets as @olegshilovitsky. Although I can hardly keep up with his posts ;-) I like the way he approaches this area. He's not your regular 'put-everything-in-SAP' guy. He also thinks about relating traditional PLM systems with social media, which is very interesting and necessary. As you know I've been posting about this topic as well.

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Social Media and PLM: Not Much Love?


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