Welcome Joas!

Well, I should also blog about my newborn son. I tweeted about the big news before, blogging would come later. Does this show blogging is becoming secondary to microblogging...? ;-)

On June 2 we were blessed with a second son. His name is Johannes Arie Driessen. Joas is a healthy little boy. He weighed 3780 grams at birth. All is now well with my wife Mirjam too. Mirjam and Joas came home last Thursday.IMG_8852

I inserted a picture of Nathan (my first son) holding Joas with grandpa Driessen. Enjoy!

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  1. Somehow I missed your tweets about this, so a belated congratulations!

  2. Gefeliciteerd Samuel! Nu begrijp ik waarom het even stil was op je blog ;-)

    Groeten uit Canada, Carla

  3. excellent news

  4. Thanks Carla, Andy and James! Apparently we do need several channels to get the news out! ;-)


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