Overcoming Reluctance to Share Ideas

light-bulb-idea-hand Lifehacker has a nice piece to convince people who are reluctant to share ideas to do this early. It's a good article. And it's my personal experience too. Share your thought and ideas as soon as you can or dare, and your idea will crystallize much faster. It's one of the reasons I blog.

But the Lifehacker post doesn't take away something that can be taken away. Because even if you learn to share early, you still can experience that people hate to hear ideas that cannot be made right now. Or they'll start scrutinizing your idea instead of building upon it. Even worse, they'll steal your idea and tell all it's their idea and get the credit. Truman's quote is true: "It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit." But it's also idealistic. We do care who gets the credit.

How can we overcome these human traits? Well, that's easy. And that's why I like social media. A blog or a wiki helps you share an idea, even if that idea is crazy, not finished, etc. A blog or a wiki saves the idea together with your name and the date/time you submitted it. Now others can take the idea, scrutinize and build upon it. But you're always the one that came up with the idea first (or at least you're the first one that wrote it down). You can prove it.

What do you think? Does this help you jot down ideas sooner?


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