Contribute to the Global Intranet Strategies Survey for 2010

Jane McConnell's 'Global Intranet Strategies Survey' for 2010 is up and ready. (It has been for some time...) It's waiting for you to join and contribute!

For a couple of years now we've been participating in this survey. I wrote about it a couple of times (e.g here and here). I enjoy participating for lots of reasons. Among others:

  1. it helps me think about intranet in a structured way
  2. it benchmarks our intranet
  3. the survey itself is basically a checklist for a good intranet
  4. it sparks thinking about intranet (improvement)

Lots of companies have contributed to this survey and our knowledge of intranet strategies. I hope new participants will also join this year and share their intranet experiences.


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Contribute to the Global Intranet Strategies Survey 2010

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