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Well finally had time to write a post on Intranet...

First of all I'd finally - I know I'm way too late... - like to point you to the extensive and insightful "2007 Global Intranet Survey Report" and "Trend Report" by Jane McConnell. There's too much stuff to chew on in there for me to summarize it for you. You can find the author's summary here and order it there.

So, what's up for the future of Intranet? Here are some predictions.
And Jeremiah Owyang has an insightful post on "challenges, evolution and success factors for the Enterprise Intranet". Intranet is "a direct reflection of your corporate culture", he states. And:
If a company’s competitive strength is it’s employees and how they work together, the intranet is a valuable tool. Secondly, with many baby boomers in the United States retiring in the near future a great deal of corporate knowledge will be lost, how will you capture and distribute this tacit knowledge?
This applies to Europe to. Jeremiah continues to describe the evolution of Intranet in companies. This relates well to Jane McConnell's "paths" of Intranet development.

Another interesting tip he has is to check the Corporate Intranet first before you accept a job at a new company. Why? Go and read the post, it's worth your time!

So, what is an Intranet anyway? Richard Dennissen from BT has an interesting definition. (Found this at ColumnTwo, by the way. Thanks!)

More stuff from BT: "6 lessons for building a successful Intranet". I like how they relate 'social media' to their business goals and not adopt it for it's own sake (sheet 5). I also like (sheet 26) the easy "type of page" selector! And again, sheet 29, the adagium is to "start small".

So, what's the plan for 2008? Jane has a good list. Practical and straight forward!


  1. Thanks for this good summary and especially for pointing me to Jeremiah's article where he advises job candidates to take a look at the corporate intranet before accepting a job. I was running a workshop for a global customer with intranet managers from around the world when I read this. I quoted it to them the next morning. There was quite a long moment of silence in the room, heads nodded, and it helped add a sense of urgency to the mission of our workshop!
    The I had the chance very recently to quote it to another group of intranet-related people. Similar reaction. This point really hits home!


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