1st Blogging Anniversary!

Wow, today's my first blogging Anniversary! I actually started out just wanting to try blogging and see if it work for me. Is blogging useful? Does it get me anything? Will I be able to write posts in my spare minutes/hours? Will I only be writing for myself or will others also like what I write?

Well, in short: blogging is cool and exciting. I started out writing a blog post once every week, but got up to speed, writing a post practically every (work) day. That ended up in writing about 180+ posts in the previous year. Blogging really helps me structure my thoughts on all the stuff I run into (on the Web). It helps me bundle links and thoughts on a certain topic.
Several times I also used posts to pass on my thoughts to other people, that didn't read my blog regularly.
I think my blog is pretty focused. I don't write on personal stuff or politics, for instance. I don't intend to either. I plan to keep on posting on work-related topics.
I'm really thrilled that about 40 people subscribed to my blog. I know about 5 of them personally, the rest are unknown to me (- sure would like to know who they are). I started out blogging just for myself. And thought: if anyone wants to read what I think, Go ahead! But, to be honest, I was very excited about the first comments on some of my blog posts. It's a wonderful experience to know that people are reading your posts and thinking about them, and even take the time to write back.

I have two 'live blogging' experiences. This is really good for your subscriptions. I had about 60 subscribers while live blogging. In de previous year I also started an internal blog (actually the first...). Another colleague also just started. Hopefully this will pick up some speed soon.

As for this blog: I'm definitely going to continue blogging!


  1. Hi Samuel,

    Congratulations, keep blogging.Now that I have a bit more time, I think your story convinced me to start blogging soon.

    kind regards,

    Jan van Veen


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