A Paperless Office?

Two nice posts here and here on why these two people think we won't have a paperless office any time soon. Although they do point to ways to make your office more paperless.

I agree with both that we won’t have a paperless office any time soon. The book "The Myth of the Paperless Office" clearly describes the affordances of paper and that of digital 'paper'. Furthermore it shows why some affordances of paper will not be possible for digital documents any time soon. Try to make a pile of digital documents, for instance. However there are some interesting trends, like multi-touch interfaces, that give some hope for a paperless or less-paper office. As for now, I’m happy with both.


  1. You're right. We'll be stuck with paper for a while!

    A client I saw recently felt unable to do away with thick, colour, glossy brochures within a scanning system.


    Thanks for mentioning my article.


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