Using Xobni

Just started using Xobni! Some time ago I pointed to it, but now I'm experiencing. And I very happy up until now. It looks nice, works quickly, is insightful and gives me good overview. I agree with Frank Goertzen (comment on the ReadWriteWeb post on Xobni that "it adds value to something I'm already using." It gives context to all the stuff that's in my email: emails, files, contacts, meetings, tasks, etc.
So, what's Xobni? There are some good reviews here by ReadWriteWeb, Web Worker Daily and TechCrunch (there's a summarizing video there too).

Some problems I am experiencing are: Outlook seems to slow down somewhat and it seems to dig up old tasks that I finished a long time ago and present them as To Do's. And my SyncMyCal has disappeared...
I was wondering if Xobni also searches my archived items. That would be nice and it would also explain why it shows my old To Do's.


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