What is Web Squared?

If you've been reading my blog for some time you'll know I'm very interested in 'web 3.0' or 'the semantic web'. We'll it seems this will not be the name for the new web. It will be: Web Squared.

Tim O'Reilly and John Battelle recently published a report telling us what 'Web Squared' will look like. It's a fascinating report with great examples and ideas.

Some nice quotes:

Web 2.0 is all about harnessing collective intelligence. (...)

The web is the world - everything and everyone in the world casts an "information shadow", an aura of data which, when captured and processed intelligently, offers extraordinary opportunity and mindbending implications. (...)

What we see in practice is that meaning is learned "inferentially" from a body of data. Meaning is taught to the computer. (...)

The real world objects have information shadows in cyberspace. (...)

A person has information shadows in a host of emails, instant messages, phone calls, tweets, blog postings, etc. (...)

Our devices extend us, and we extend them. (...)

Data analysis, visualization, and other techniques for seeing patterns in data are going to be an increasingly valuable skillset. Employers take notice. (...)

Evidence shows that formal systems for adding a priori meaning to digital data are actually less powerful than informal systems that extract that meaning by feature recognition.
Mapping from unstructured data to structured data sets will be a key web squared competency. (...)

Even without sensor-driven purchasing, real-time information is having a huge impact on business. When your customers are declaring their intent all over the web (and on Twitter) - either through their actions or their words, companies must both listen and join the conversation. (...)

The web is no longer an industry unto itself - the web is now the world. (...)

Web meets World - that's Web Squared.

Love the concept 'information shadows'. And how unstructured and structured information is being approached integrally.

Now, go ahead and read it for yourself!


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