A Yammer Widget? Adopting Internal Microblogging

Yammer widget example You may still remember we're experimenting with internal microblogging. We're using Yammer for this goal. And it's still working out nicely.
But I've been thinking how can we encourage further adoption? There are lots of ways as I've written before. But couldn't it be even easier?

I was thinking: Wouldn't it be nice if we had a Yammer widget? (I made a quick mock-up on the right-hand side of this post.) Then we could integrate it in the homepage of our intranet.

What I find is that our Yammer page is too 'far away' for lots of people. They have to be explicitly pointed to Yammer. My question was: how can we point them to it in a much easier way?

The company I work for get millions of hits on intranet homepage, containing corporate news. With the widget on the intranet homepage, eyeballs will be attracted to something that's moving on the page. What's going on there? What is this? Are 'regular' employees posting news in real-time here? They can then click-through and go see for themselves and hopefully dive in.

What do you think: is this a good idea? Do you think this helps drive enterprise microblogging adoption?


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