Wonder and Fascination, It Keeps Me Going

IMG_9379 Chris Brogan had a fascinating post some time ago, called 'The value of wonder'. 'Wonder' is a great concept. It's basically a way of life. He says:

...let’s think about those moments when we see or experience something that makes us breathe in deeply, and then causes us to pause and just be there.

And he wonders: Do we experience this enough in our work as we do when we look at our kids for instance? Very good question. Do we look around us, at the people we work with, the technology we use, the things we see happening, a colleague's great idea, and step back in wonder. Do we voice this 'wonder' to each other regularly?

'Fascination' is a comparable powerful concept. It also relates to kids and the way they do things. Blocking out all else, fully concentrated.

'Wonder' and 'fascination' are concepts that keep me going. It helps me look at things in a new ways. Do it with your mouth open, because you forgot to close your mouth, you're so fascinated. It makes my life wonder-ful, hopefully your too.


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