Presentation #kmnl by Jose Kooken, Henny Leemkuil & Wilco Bonestroo

This presentation gives an overview of the APOSDLE project (Advanced Process-oriented self-directed learning environment). Title of the presentation is "Learning in the workplace: supporting it by the APOSDLE system".

This project runs from March 2006 to February 2010 and has 12 partners.

Goal of this project is to design a domain independent system for knowledge workers using exciting sources in the company.


  1. People mostly learn at work in a self-steered way. > True, learning at a computerized workspace is seen.
  2. Self-steered learning during work is mostly initiated by the actual work people do. > True, a work task is the most important trigger for learning.
  3. During self-steered learning at work bottlenecks occur that should be overcome. > True, in general learning is successful (72%), but there are several issues. (non existing info, lots of info instead of precise info, experts not willing to share, etc.)
  4. Inter-personal communication is important when in self-steered office work. > True, practical applications and written material are checked, but inter-personal communication is essential.

This was used as requirements for the APOSDLE system. Henny tells what type of questions need to be answered by and the theoretical underpinnings of the learning system.

Wilco demo's the APOSDLE prototype. Looks like a huge expert system. I like the interactive part in the system: adding comments, highlights, etc. Also leads to expert finding tool implicitly.

The documents used in the system have to be added to the system manually and annotated manually. The original idea was to add documents automatically, and have system learn from the document. This is still an open issue.

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