Too Much to Read

books Do you have too much to read? I do have that 'problem'. I simply find too many things interesting. And the Web isn't making it easier for me with all these interesting posts, videos, articles popping up in my feedreader and in Twitter.

I don't really perceive it as a problem though. I love the fact that all these different sources can be accessed so easily. But I do have to tweak my filter more tightly and take time to read. Another personal strategy is bookmark url's that seem to be interesting (after a quick scan) without reading them. I store them in my social bookmarking tool (Diigo) to read them when I need them. Bookmarking is my social filtering and storing machine. My extended memory. I store stuff that I actually read there (usually with highlights and comments) and stuff that I hope to read (or share) in the future.

What is your filtering strategy? Do you bookmark stuff you haven't read?

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