The Social Intranet (Whitepaper)

image Recently intranet expert Toby Ward of Prescient Digital Media published an interesting whitepaper 'The Social Intranet. Key Factors for Intranet 2.0 Success; Social Intranet Success Matrix'. The whitepaper is based on Toby's expertise in this area and an extensive survey.
I'm not going to summarize the paper. Just go ahead and read it. It's worth your time. I do want to share three interesting points from the study:
  1. Intranet 2.0 is cheap. 49% spent less than $10.000 on socializing their intranet. Of course we know social software is relatively cheap. Cultivating it isn't, by the way. But because it's cheap no big investments have to be done to try new media. This is great; you can start right away.
  2. The survey showed that just 29% of the organizations rate the tools as good or very good. Hmm, maybe cheap isn't always good...
  3. And only 33% of the organizations experimenting with social media and intranet have executive support. This is understandable as social media usually bubbles up from the bottom. But I do hope this percentage will go up soon. Executives should understand the power of collective intelligence and transparent communication.
The whitepaper is for free (after filling in some personal information).
And a final note: our work at Océ in this area is also mentioned (bookmarking and idea management)!

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