Do You Have an Asking Problem?

question Recently John Tropea wrote another great post "It's not about knowledge sharing, it's about engagement and context". In his post he pointed to an older article from KMReview (2004) by Nancy Dixon, "Does Your Organization Have an Asking Problem?". It's an interesting read (although I find the approach a bit too structured...). Anywhere, in her post I found some great quotes I'd like to share with you. They don't only apply to organizations, but to you and me as well. Here goes!

Knowledge sharing begins with a request, not with a solution. (...)

Managers sometimes tell me that people in their organization have a problem with sharing knowledge; but more often than not, people aren't "asking." The organization has an asking problem, not a sharing problem. When people ask, the sharing problem becomes moot.

How organizations talk about "asking" is critical. When company officials say to professionals, "Don't be afraid to ask for help," their words actually work against asking. Asking for "help" denotes helplessness.

Or at least it can. It doesn't have to. To me it's a state of mind. I don't mind asking even if people think I'm helpless. But how about you? Do you ask questions easily? And are people asking you questions?

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