Reflections on the Enterprise 2.0 Summit 2012 #e20s

Another reflective post... Hey, it's Friday! :-)
This post is long overdue, but I promised I would reflect a bit on the Enterprise 2.0 Summit. I'll keep it short.

I enjoyed the Summit and hope to be there next year as well. What did I enjoy most this year and hope to see more of next year? Here's my list:

  • Some of the speakers shared the failures and dark side of enterprise 2.0. I think we need to more of these kind of examples. Not to focus on the negative side of internal social media, but to learn from failure and the unexpected.
  • I agree with Ana Silva we need more, deeper and detailled stories about e2.0 deployments. How did they really do it? And then we can discuss the cases, share experiences, etc. This implies we need good stories and storytellers, and excellent workshop/discussion moderators. 
  • I hope we'll hear more about mobile and location-based systems. Most of the cases were about social networking and microblogging platforms inside the organizations. What happens when we extend them outside the company? Of course, some of the platform are mobile by default, like Yammer and Socialcast. How are companies using mobile to improve their internal and external business?
  • Finally, I saw a huge gap between the Summit participants. There's a small experienced group and a large group of beginners. Making sure the Summit is interesting for both groups is challenging. I think the focus on stories and discussions could bridge the gap. Fresh thinking from the beginners and experienced thinking from the experts: we'll learn from each other!

What are your thoughts on the Summit? What should next year's conference be about?

Have a nice weekend! ;-)

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