Next Generation Ecosystems by @dhinchcliffe #e20s

As promised I would blog about the final keynote of the Enterprise 2.0 Summit soon. Now's the time! Dion Hinchcliffe wrapped up the Summit with a good keynote about 'Next Generation Ecosystems'. I'll share my notes with you. His slides can be found here.

Dion's presentation started out with a whole list of trends in the social business/enterprise 2.0 space. Like:

  • Implementations of e2.0 tools have become bigger and faster
  • All data show sustained benefits after rolling out e2.0 tools
  • Everything is becoming social inside company (people-focus)
  • Ownership of social is not clear
  • The predicted social data explosion happened
  • Mining social data has become a major industry (lots of different vendors)
  • Internal and external is blurring, but it has not gone as far as most thought it would go
  • There's some talk about social business standards
  • Social is becoming more integrated in work (was isolated before)
Dion also relates to the Alcatel-Lucent (slides about the case can be found here) and Cenex case. What I found interesting is that Dion said 25% of the participants is active and 6% are seen as contributors. Compared to other cases, Dion calls this a high-level of adoption.

When relating to the gains of social in the enterprise, Dion pointed to the recent McKinsey study. This study showed that companies using social technology can quantify the benefits and that "fully networked companies" benefit the most from social.

I really liked how Dion showed that social business and enterprise 2.0 is not happening in isolation. There are greater trends, like the high productivity levels, the consumerization of IT and the changing technology landscape that shape social. These greater trends require companies to organize for radical change.

So, what should the social business flow be like: listen/analyze > guide (strategy) > engage (and then listen again).

Dion closed his presentation with a list of key success factors:
  • Everyone must be able to participate (use the social tools)
  • Turn on network effects by default
  • Cultivate the right communities
  • Plan for change and the unexpected (take advantage of them)
  • Remove barriers to participation
  • Listen, analyze and engage continuously
  • Integrate social into the flow of work
This wraps up my live-blogging of the Enterprise 2.0 Summit. I hope you enjoyed the posts. Shortly I'll blog about my insights and learnings from this year's Summit.

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